When you feel mentally down and you feel like everything around you seems to be falling apart, just take a deep breath. Take a deep breath and let all these oppressive feelings come and feel them. Don't fight and don't try to stop them. Trust me when I tell you this, the more you leave them without fighting , the sooner they will leave your mind. We have good days and hard days but the important thing is that now we know how to manage them. Trust yourself and the Universe and you will definitely have more good days. But you also accepts the heavy days as lessons that the Universe sends us. I think without these difficulties we would not be able to appreciate all the good things we receive. There is nothing bad or wrong in your life, you just have to learn to be aware of the lessons. Your life is perfect just as it is with positive or less positive emotions. But if we manage to see the lessons that the Universe sends us then you will turn everything you live into positive vibrations. You are amazing and don't forget every change starts with you.💕💕🌺🥀

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