Stay still

When you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward on your way to spiritual awakening, you stay still. Sometimes when life kneels you all you have to do is stand still and take a deep breath. I know there are times when everything you know only makes sense. It’s like you’ve got no emotion or fear you’ve decided to freeze all your emotions. This hard time we’re going through with all the restrictions and the break of life makes us feel nothing. Maybe it’s because we took a long break from the life we’ve been used to. We can definitely get over anything and we’ll do it now. Take a deep breath and trust in the universe that everything will be fine. The universe will show you the path you stand or follow and you will see again the path you must follow to find your balance. It’s okay to lose your balance once in a while. . The important thing is never to stop wanting to try to become the best version of yourself. To want to enjoy every day of the present. Enjoy life,be kind and loving and your condition will definitely improve. Love and enjoy the present because the future is not guaranteed. 

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