Fixing my eating disorder

For a month I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain weight, I stagnated. I was starting to panic and feel the fear of going back to my old ways again and I didn’t know where to go. I never stopped working out. I have written in my journal, affirmations, meditation, yoga and writing in this blog. I knew I’d get back to my path but I didn’t know how. I prayed to the universe every day to show me a sign or a way to get better. One day I saw a doctor on television talking about a book that you can cure yourself of binge eating disorder. The book is called “OVERCOMING BINGE EATING” second edition by DR.CHRISTOFER G. FAIRBURN. I’m still scared and I don’t feel ready to go to a psychiatrist, I couldn’t tell you why. I hope soon to be a little more open to get more help because it’s a lot easier that way. . This book clearly explains where and how you got these habits and makes you understand more about your problems. It makes you understand that you’re not alone with these problems and that there are millions of people going through what you’re going through. Once you understand what it is about it shows you exactly what you have to do and it is very important to follow these indications that come from a specialist with a lot of experience. Of course, the first piece of advice you get in this book is to be gentle with yourself and not put any pressure on yourself. Don’t argue if you make mistakes but learn from them so you can know what to do next so you don’t repeat them. And if it’s repeated, forgive yourself . The important thing is not to give up trying. You’re so strong don’t forget you’re the creator of your own destiny.I’ll keep you updated as I did on my journey and do not forget that you’re not alone “The universe has your back”

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