After 8 months

Here I am, after 8 months since I started my journey to find the balance of my life. It was definitely the best decision I made. During this journey I understood that, if I want a better and more balanced life, it is essential to love myself, to be kind to myself and to trust myself. I weigh 20 kg(44 pounds) less and I am definitely a better version of myself. I can say that today my mental health and peace of mind are much improved. I know it’s not easy and sometimes I’ll go back to my bad habits, but now I have confidence and I know how to get back on track. This journey will definitely be for the rest of my life and I am excited to that. I know somethimes I will have moments when I will be confused, but now I know better how to get back to myself. I know that the only way to find your peace is with love, kindness and trust. Trust in the Universe and surrender all of your worries if you want your life to become more easier,peaceful balanced.

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