MARCH 1st , the first day of spring is here ! The awakening of nature and its rebirth today makes me feel a deep feeling of a new beginning! Or maybe it’s just the change I’ve made to myself. What is certain is that this is the first year that I observe these details and I enjoy them. I never took into account that these things seemed unimportant to me. But now I realize that the little things bring you the happiness and balance you need. All you need is having  faith in yourself and try step by step to enjoy everything around you. And even if at the beginning it will not be natural, I assure you that after a period of rehearsal you will feel like me , and see these little pleasures as real blessings. They really are some blessings that we ignore and consider them as a right we have. But in this world nothing should be obligated to come to us . Each day you are given to live on this earth it is truly a miracle . The moment your mind will understand this , the road to total fulfillment is near. Welcome spring with your wonders. We thank you Universe for blessing our eyes with your splendid beauties.

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