The jorney continue

“USE YOUR BRAIN TO CHANGE YOUR AGE” BY Dr.Daniel G. Amen made me understand how important it is to maintain a balance between your mental and physical life and how to have a younger brain. I knew this before, but this book made me more aware of the importance of food quality as well as the importance of exercise and brain training.

This book teaches us how to make our brains and bodies younger. Dr.Daniel Amen explains very clearly the benefits of healthy eating, daily exercise  and meditation and gives us tips for a happier and healthier life.

I know that life is hard and challenging most of the time, but from my experience I have felt in my body that I can maintain a balanced life more easily if I eat healthy, exercise regularly and calm my mind with yoga and meditation.

The worst thing is if we go back to our bad habits and feel more depressed and unhappy if we do not continue our journey of transformation.

Keep going, you are in the right direction, and this is the way to self-love and self-compassion. Be kind to yourself even when you can’t handle a situation and start over. Remember that you can always start again by putting yourself first because you are the most important.

Be blessed and remember that every change begins with you.🤗🤗🌺

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