My journey after a year and 27kg less(almost 60 ponds).

It’s been almost a year since I decided to change my life and started my journey to lose weight and heal my heart. My life has improved so much, as has my health. I remember just a year ago how bad my physical condition was. At that moment, I could not walk for more than 5 minutes without my whole body resisting and my breathing was growing so fast. My mental health was very low and I remember how depressed and miserable I felt at that moment.

I am grateful every day for my awakening and awareness. I’ve had bad days and good days, but the important lesson is that I can keep my balance in my life. Now I can face the challenge with more sincerity and more faith. I trust in God more and more every day.

A year of transformation that makes me ask questions and find myself. Many of my bad habits have been replaced and improved. This trip focused more on my mental healing, but I realized that if I want to improve my mental health, I also need to improve my physical health. This journey is just beginning and will continue with more faith, trust and love. Love, forgive and have faith and your life will change forever. Trust yourself and start changing your life now, it’s never too late. Remember that every change starts with you.

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