My journey continues

Here I am over a year into my healing journey. My journey was beautiful, but at the same time very hard. I felt so intense in all my experiences, and I am grateful for that. I faced my demons and the traumas of my past to heal my soul. I’m still learning how to see my worth and beauty, even though I’m not thin enough. My anxiety still comes and goes, but now I can manage these emotions more easily. I decided to do something with my life and not wait for a miracle to happen. As Grandma Moses used to say, “Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be”. Last year I finished my college and passed my GCES exams. A great performance that made me so proud of myself. However, my journey continues and here I am 45 years old, and the university has offered me a place to study Philosophy, which makes me so happy, and I can’t believe my biggest dream has come true finally. As you can see, it’s never too late to live the life of your dreams. Remember that every change in your life starts with you. 🤗🤗

#selflove #selfdevelopment #selfcare #healingjourney #transformation

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