Another important lesson I have learnt is that if I truly wish to start living again all the bad habits I have accumulated over the last 43 years need to be gone. I know how you are feeling and I know your brain will try and come up with reasons why you ended up in this situation but it is time for you to stop giving the past power over you and enjoy the present. It is true that we have all been through difficult moments but now the time has come to get up of our comfortable sofa and turn off the TV because I promise you there is so much more to life than this. So after I started to realise I need to give up all my current beliefs about myself ,  the first step to have a winner’s mentality was through exercise. First two weeks I exercised only for 15 minutes , although I found it hard I was determined to never give up and my old ways to leave behind. I did not set a specific target at the beginning as it would create a pointless pressure on me which I did not need , I just wished to lose a few kilograms each month . The important thing was to remove all the bad habits which were making my life a living hell. When it comes to food , it was much harder but I started with eating five times a day at specific times. I am morning person which means I wake up around 6 am, so I would eat at 6am , 10am , 1:30pm ,4pm and my last meal I would have around 7pm. I would never eat later than 7 in the night. Keep in mind please that I do not have any medical conditions that can portray an obstacle , so before starting this journey make sure to check in with your doctor. After two weeks of working out , those 15 minutes became 30 and over the course of two months I did not miss one day . Some days I would turn to pilates while other to aerobics , always made sure I would complete the 30 minute of exercise target.  I became much more flexible, as well as my knee pain and backache have almost gone. I did not think something like this would be possible only by including physical exercise into my routine .

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