Having faith in  the universe but especially yourself is a long process. But once you’ve managed to start this process you’re definitely not going to want to stop. Every day you’ll see the progress of your well-being.You’ll see how you transform and become the person you’ve always dreamed of. Nothing brings you more comfort than knowing that someone is there for you unconditionally. The universe is the support you need, and once you’ve realized that from here, everything is easier. You will begin a life full of happiness, balance, prosperity, abundance and love. Maintain positive vibration and focus only on the beautiful things in your life. Trust that the universe brings you everything you need for you to be happy. Have a blessed and harmonious day and don’t forget every change starts with you.

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Trust is such a strong word that I don't even know how to explain it. I know it's hard to trust someone, but I can tell you from personal experience that it's all because you don't trust yourself. Like love, the first step to trusting the people in your life is to start with yourself. You cannot advance in this journey and especially since you cannot heal your soul and body without this important step. Confidence is an extremely important step that you must take if you want to get rid of all the fears and anxieties that you have accumulated over the years. Trust yourself and your primary instinct.The universe has endowed you with this ability to succeed and to show you exactly the steps to success.Trust that you are strong, be determined and do everything you set out to do as best you can. Trust that nothing you do is wrong. Blindly trust yourself and the Universe and you will surely see how your life will become more balanced and fearless. Trust yourself, love yourself and be good to yourself and your life is already on the right path to your spiritual balance. Be blessed and don't forget that it all starts with you.❤

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My victim mentality all these years has made me unable to do things that bring me happiness, joy and balance. I became my own disease without realizing it. Yes, I can tell you that I and many of you have a lot of reasons to complain, but I assure you from my own experience that it does not bring us any benefit. On the contrary, it keeps us prisoners in our own suffering and in our own past. I wish I knew this earlier and took action sooner but since I don’t want to have any regrets I’m glad I woke up even now. One of the books that helps me in my awakening and healing is the one written by Esther and Jerry Hick “Ask and it is Given”.What I like about this book in particular is that it teaches you how to get rid of this victim mentality and gives you the courage you need to get out of the hole you’ve been in for so many years. It also teaches you how to start with small steps, your change and your personal development. Trust yourself and continue this journey no matter what obstacles you have. It’s much better than getting stuck in the mud you’ve been in for so long. You’re stronger than you think and all you have to do is ask the universe to show you the way to go. Be blessed and don’t forget to love yourselves because it all starts with you.

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Celebrate the small victories you have every day. This is the only way to continue your journey to the final victory. Whatever your desire, to lose weight, to have a successful career or to find your love. Even if it seems small to you, any step forward is a reason to celebrate. Just because you decided to do something with yourself and you already have a reason for it. To continue this path of change you just have to be patient, determined and confident in yourself. Trust that it is possible. Trust that the Universe wants you to succeed. Keep the positive vibrations as long as possible and when you have unpleasant things come into your life, let them pass you after you have processed And don’t forget to enjoy every moment with the beautiful people in your life. I can tell you that I was very low mentally and physically, but since I decided that I deserve more, everything has changed. My life is starting to take shape the way I want it to. Because I am the creator of my own destiny. So you can go ahead and not abandon the path you have chosen to go for your success. Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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Every day I learn how to eat smart and healthy at the same time. What I can tell you is that you have to listen to your body because you know yourself best. You know best what you need. Take it step by step and you will surely see the benefits that a balanced diet brings you. This is a dish that I share with my dear family and that brings you the feeling of satiety for many good hours. Pork steak with baked sweet potatoes and salad. This dish brings you the necessary intake of protein, vitamins and energy you need

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It is important to make peace with your past and learn how to extract the lessons we have received from all these hardships or less pleasant moments. If you manage to read all the signs that the Universe has sent you through these difficult moments of your life, you will surely be able to leave behind the past and live the present. You'll get over the hard times of life, the moment you realize that every hard  moment in your life has a lesson we need to learn.  Make peace with the sufferings of the past and you will free yourself from the shackles of unhappiness. Enjoy that all the experiences of the past have made you the powerful person you have become today. Live in the present and enjoy the happy moments no matter how small they are. Happy little moments make a happy life!


Another thing that helps me a lot in my personal development towards this journey to lose weight and heal my soul is the book written by LISA . This book made me understand myself better and accept myself exactly as I am. I know it sounds cliché already but believe me it’s true. Also from here I learned how to replace some of my bad habits with some that suit me.This book also showed me how important gratitude we need to have for what we already have in our lives. Of course it’s ok to want more from life. We just don’t have to forget to thank the Universe for everything we already have. And only then do we ask for more.Stay safe and don’t forget to love yourselves the most, because it all starts with you.

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. Even if there were setbacks and hardships, I never cease to thank the Universe and me for the decision to wake up from the numbness I was in. Besides the progress and physical changes that I have every day to fulfil my dream, just as important to me are the mental and soul progress. I can say that one without the other can’t work together. Yes you heard well if you do not get well on both sides your success even if maybe physically you will see it will not last too long and will appear yo-yo effects. For me I can say that the evolution of my personal development is more important than the process of weight loss because all the excesses of food that I have had and still have sometimes are due to mental and soul imbalances. This book has helped me enormously in my life- It helped me free myself from many anxieties, fears and angers I had gathered over the years.

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March 17, 2021. In 3 months I lost 12 kg (almost 27 pounds). Although my journey is just beginning, I am so proud of myself that I managed to lose weight slowly, healthy and balanced exactly as I intended. I celebrate and congratulate myself for my success and I am more determined than ever to go forward in the journey of my transformation.