Ever since I decided to wake up from my numbness, I have learned that almost everything comes down to being present. If you are able to enjoy every moment present, you definitely have the key to success. Yes, I know there are difficult times we go through and it’s hard to do that, but believe me it’s possible. if I can you can too. Even when you suffer, be present with all your heart. I can tell you that everything passes faster and your life makes sense. If you no longer worry about the future and the past and live the present, you have already got rid of all the pressure that society demands of us. Sometimes all you have to do is just be on this earth. .Don’t forget to be kind, be grateful and love yourself because everything starts with you. Be present and enjoy the present moment.

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Acceptance is the next step.

The journey of my spiritual awakening and finding my food balance continues. And how better to continue than by acceptance.By accepting all that life can offer you, making the path of your life easier..If you accept that the Universe does not give you more than you can carry then you have understood the notion of spiritual awakening.Your life is so easy from the moment you accept everything that your future holds for you, that nothing will be harder for you. It is that simple ,just love yourself, be kind to yourself and accept yourself exactly as you are. You are unique and wonderful and full of qualities that the Universe has endowed you with to show them to the world. Let the world enjoy these extraordinary talents and qualities that only you have.💕💕💕

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A new wonderful book

A new book I’ve read that I highly recommend is “What Happened to You” written by Dr. Bruce D. Perry and Oprah Winfrey.Many of those who have gained a lot of weight and found relief in food or had any kind of addiction, they actually hide a trauma they usually suffered as a child. This book makes you understand what a trauma is and how you can cure it. Ever since I began this journey of healing, I have understood that I must enjoy every day as if it were the last day of my life.The first step you take on the path to your healing is to go through all the memories that caused you these traumas and you will definitely understand where these addictions come from. This path of healing is not easy but it is certainly the path on which you will find the peace, tranquility and happiness you need. Don’t forget to be good to yourself every day, love yourself and celebrate every victory no matter how small. Trust in God and trust in You!!!💕💕

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A Great Book.

If you want to have a better life, find peace and answer the question “what is your purpose on earth?” then you should definitely read this book. “A new earth” by Eckhart Tolle “opened my mind to the truth and made me understand how to reduce the ego and not let myself be led by it. This book also changed my vision of how to have more faith and I began to accept more of this divine plan, namely my life. Every day I understand and accept everything that happens to me more easily and I noticed that the more you do not fight against of unpleasant events, the more they will turn into lessons and you it will be much easier. Be blessed and don’t forget to be kind with yourself every single day.🤗🤗❤

has your back”

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Fixing my eating disorder

For a month I didn’t lose any weight, but I didn’t gain weight, I stagnated. I was starting to panic and feel the fear of going back to my old ways again and I didn’t know where to go. I never stopped working out. I have written in my journal, affirmations, meditation, yoga and writing in this blog. I knew I’d get back to my path but I didn’t know how. I prayed to the universe every day to show me a sign or a way to get better. One day I saw a doctor on television talking about a book that you can cure yourself of binge eating disorder. The book is called “OVERCOMING BINGE EATING” second edition by DR.CHRISTOFER G. FAIRBURN. I’m still scared and I don’t feel ready to go to a psychiatrist, I couldn’t tell you why. I hope soon to be a little more open to get more help because it’s a lot easier that way. . This book clearly explains where and how you got these habits and makes you understand more about your problems. It makes you understand that you’re not alone with these problems and that there are millions of people going through what you’re going through. Once you understand what it is about it shows you exactly what you have to do and it is very important to follow these indications that come from a specialist with a lot of experience. Of course, the first piece of advice you get in this book is to be gentle with yourself and not put any pressure on yourself. Don’t argue if you make mistakes but learn from them so you can know what to do next so you don’t repeat them. And if it’s repeated, forgive yourself . The important thing is not to give up trying. You’re so strong don’t forget you’re the creator of your own destiny.I’ll keep you updated as I did on my journey and do not forget that you’re not alone “The universe has your back”

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Chiken soup for your soul

 Homemade chicken soup with vegetables and noodles.Chiken soup for you soul it is always welcome. When you feel it's hard and your life seems a little stuck, it's time for a chicken soup like at home. This soup will not solve your problems but will certainly bring you the comfort and well-being you need to be more optimistic in life. When we are not aligned on the smooth and straight path we need all the help to return to the straight line of love and happiness. Chicken soup for the soul is definitely one of those help we need to enjoy life more. Enjoy this soup and be grateful for everything you experience in life. Love yourself more every day and enjoy your life more because it is just one and you have only guaranteed the present moment now.

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Start your day with a simple thank you. Say thank you to the Universe and your emotional state has changed instantly. Say thank you for a new day and you can really feel alive. Every day you are so lucky that God has given you a new chance to live your life to the fullest. Do not delay to feel the love around you. Enjoy everything you live and learn all the lessons you receive. There will be days when they seem more beautiful or harder. But all these experiences made you the extraordinary and beautiful person you became today. You are unique, gorgeous just as you were created by God, the Universe, Buddha, Allah or whatever you want to call them. So start each day with these words on your lips "Thank you" and you will definitely be much happier and full of joy.

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Stay still

When you feel stuck and don’t know how to move forward on your way to spiritual awakening, you stay still. Sometimes when life kneels you all you have to do is stand still and take a deep breath. I know there are times when everything you know only makes sense. It’s like you’ve got no emotion or fear you’ve decided to freeze all your emotions. This hard time we’re going through with all the restrictions and the break of life makes us feel nothing. Maybe it’s because we took a long break from the life we’ve been used to. We can definitely get over anything and we’ll do it now. Take a deep breath and trust in the universe that everything will be fine. The universe will show you the path you stand or follow and you will see again the path you must follow to find your balance. It’s okay to lose your balance once in a while. . The important thing is never to stop wanting to try to become the best version of yourself. To want to enjoy every day of the present. Enjoy life,be kind and loving and your condition will definitely improve. Love and enjoy the present because the future is not guaranteed. 

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Healthy and tasty food

Eat smart and taste good food. It is important to have a balanced meal. Let's not cook with too much fat and not be in too much quantity. I will present you a dish that it is really tasty .Minced turkey pie with puff pastry and cherry  tomatoes. 

500g minced turkey meat an onion 5 eggs 1 foliage sheet 1 tablespoon olive oil Cut the onion and cook it with a tablespoon of olive oil for 3 minutes then add the meat and cook until all the water comes out . Let it cool for 10 minutes and then mix it with eggs. In a pan put a sheet of puff pastry and the meat mixture .Put another puff pastry sheet on top. Put the pie in the oven for 30 minutes in the oven or until the color turns brown.

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When you feel that life has hit you to the ground or that you are stuck somewhere, surrender to the Universe even  more than you did.I know it's hard to understand how to do that, but trust and believe that God,Universe, Budda, Allah or whatever name you use for, always has your back. Surender and let the Universe catch you.How wonderful it is to feel this comfort and peace. To know that there is a much greater unseen force that takes care of all troubles and helps you see life.Don't forget that life is worth living and when you feel that you can no longer with the hardships of life, surender even more and you will truly feel the protection and love of the Universe.

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