Forgiveness is part of your healing and balance process. If you are able to get to the point where you can forgive all the people in your life whom you feel you have not been in balance with and you have some unresolved anger you have taken one of the most important steps in your healing. To be able to forgive someone without asking for anything in return is a divine power and it makes us feel fulfilled . It will bring you a state of well-being and happiness that you cannot compare to anything. Forgiveness brings you the positive vibe you need on the journey of your life. Decide for yourself that it is time to live. And choose love instead of hate, forgiveness instead of resentment, happiness instead of unhappiness, and you will see how everything around you makes sense in your life.

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MARCH 1st , the first day of spring is here ! The awakening of nature and its rebirth today makes me feel a deep feeling of a new beginning! Or maybe it’s just the change I’ve made to myself. What is certain is that this is the first year that I observe these details and I enjoy them. I never took into account that these things seemed unimportant to me. But now I realize that the little things bring you the happiness and balance you need. All you need is having  faith in yourself and try step by step to enjoy everything around you. And even if at the beginning it will not be natural, I assure you that after a period of rehearsal you will feel like me , and see these little pleasures as real blessings. They really are some blessings that we ignore and consider them as a right we have. But in this world nothing should be obligated to come to us . Each day you are given to live on this earth it is truly a miracle . The moment your mind will understand this , the road to total fulfillment is near. Welcome spring with your wonders. We thank you Universe for blessing our eyes with your splendid beauties.


As I wrote in the last chapter, I started with small but sure steps for my transformation! The complete transformation  of bad habits that I had for so many years implemented in my mind. Maybe for many of you they do not represent big changes, but for me they were crucial steps on this journey . I made the best decision of my life when I decided I deserved more. I knew this on an unconscious level but of course you need someone to tell you in order to become more aware and realize how important you are. Or at least in my case , I needed it. All these changes that I started to make portray another form of self-love but it took me a long time to realise that. Love was and currently is my salvation and certainly it is yours too. Another important step in the journey of your recovery that you have to do is to start with yourself. To believe in yourself and love yourself unconditionally. These are 2 of the books I read that helped me a lot to learn to love myself,  especially to accept myself exactly as I am before making the changes I have made. Before starting the transformation you want to learn, to love yourself, to respect yourself and of course to accept yourself. I know it’s not easy but you can do it. Start by reading everything that can help you open yourself to a new version of yourself. A completely different version that erases the self-doubt and all the old information you had about yourself. Even at first being kind to yourself will sound weird , if you keep doing everything for yourself then you will succeed.


Hello dears, today I am going to talk to you about the next step I took on my journey to lose weight and change my bad habits. The other day I showed you what I ate and what my workout looked like. Since the beginning of this transformation, I have observed that around 5 pm I could not refrain from eating something unhealthy be it sweet or salty. Because you guessed it, bad habits do not leave me alone. Due to this, I decided to spend my time with something beneficial to me. I finally understood that these unhealthy and toxic habits that I had, had to be replaced with some positive and beneficial, I had heard and read a lot about the benefits of Yoga, which is a discipline, a form of physical movement controlled by breathing. I loved it from the very first moment I started practicing it. I felt much stronger and relaxed at the same time. Of course I started with Yoga for plus size beginners. Never overdo it and if you do not feel comfortable practicing this form of movement is ok, and always start with the beginner sessions and specific to your weight. Find other forms of relaxation that you like too. Going for a walk connecting with nature, listen to music, read a book or just call someone and talk on the phone that will bring you a state of well-being. You must replace step by step these bad habits of eating or eating caused by boredom or stress. You may just have to be patient with yourself and give yourself time. Because these unhealthy habits you have acquired over many years and you cannot suddenly change them. But with patience and perseverance even when you eat ‘the wrong thing’ or feel you are at rock bottom; you have to give yourself time and trust yourself. Praise yourself for everything you do. Every little thing you do for yourself is definitely a success. I trust you will do everything about you and together we will make it. Over the next few days, I am going to show you every step I’ve taken and I’m still taking every day to begin the journey

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Another important lesson I have learnt is that if I truly wish to start living again all the bad habits I have accumulated over the last 43 years need to be gone. I know how you are feeling and I know your brain will try and come up with reasons why you ended up in this situation but it is time for you to stop giving the past power over you and enjoy the present. It is true that we have all been through difficult moments but now the time has come to get up of our comfortable sofa and turn off the TV because I promise you there is so much more to life than this. So after I started to realise I need to give up all my current beliefs about myself ,  the first step to have a winner’s mentality was through exercise. First two weeks I exercised only for 15 minutes , although I found it hard I was determined to never give up and my old ways to leave behind. I did not set a specific target at the beginning as it would create a pointless pressure on me which I did not need , I just wished to lose a few kilograms each month . The important thing was to remove all the bad habits which were making my life a living hell. When it comes to food , it was much harder but I started with eating five times a day at specific times. I am morning person which means I wake up around 6 am, so I would eat at 6am , 10am , 1:30pm ,4pm and my last meal I would have around 7pm. I would never eat later than 7 in the night. Keep in mind please that I do not have any medical conditions that can portray an obstacle , so before starting this journey make sure to check in with your doctor. After two weeks of working out , those 15 minutes became 30 and over the course of two months I did not miss one day . Some days I would turn to pilates while other to aerobics , always made sure I would complete the 30 minute of exercise target.  I became much more flexible, as well as my knee pain and backache have almost gone. I did not think something like this would be possible only by including physical exercise into my routine .

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Hello everyone , today I will include some information about which products I have included into my diet over the course of these past two months and what I am currently consuming. I decided to change slowly , step by step as I know what kind of person I am meaning a big change would be too much to handle for my body. I am sure that if I would have drastically changed my lifestyle no doubt I would have gone back to my old habits and start seeing food as something which brings me comfort . I will start stating a few examples for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as two snacks.


  • 2 boiled eggs with 2 slices of brown toast + a coffee with oat or soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar
  • Cornflakes cereal or oat porridge with skim milk or oat milk+ a coffee ( with oat/soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar)
  • Two slices of brown toast , ½ avocado , seeds (sunflower, pumpkin , linseed)  placed on top+a coffee ( with oat/soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar)
  • 2 slices of brown toast with butter and a spoon of blueberry jam + a coffee ( with oat/soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar)
  • An omelette (2eggs) and one slice of brown toast + a coffee ( with oat/soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar)
  • A banana and 20 grapes ( or you can eat any type of fruit you prefer ) + a coffee ( with oat/soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar)
  • One slice of chicken breast (cooked boiled , grilled or in the oven) with a slice of brown toast+a coffee ( with oat/soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar)
  • 4 digestive biscuits + 1 banana+ a coffee ( with oat/soya milk and one teaspoon of sugar)

Those above represents types of breakfast I have eaten in the last two months . Of course you are free to adapt these to your taste and replace some of the products .

Lunch :

  • Brown rice with chicken breast + vegetables ( the quanitity of a normal plate just enough to fill up your appetite)
  • Chicken breast 150-200g with season boiled peas or , a frozen vegeatble mix cooked boiled for 10 minutes , or green beans and brocolli cooked boiled for 5 miinutes
  • Fat-free pork 150—200g with a salad which could include red peppers , cucumber and onions with a bit of olive oil and a bit of salt )
  • Brown pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables (carrots , musrooms , oniona , parsnip + salad
  • One jacket potato with tune in brine and lemon + 1 salad
  • chicken with baked sweet potatoes and a salad or mixed vegetables
  • a sandwhich with two slices of brown toast and two slices of ham placed on top , as well as a slice of chedar + 1 salad or a fruit
  • 1 whole wheat wrap with chicken (boiled or grilled cooked ) + a salad or a fruit

Dinner :

  • Chicken (boiled or grilled cooked ) with a vegetable mix or salad
  • A sanwhich with two slice of whole wheat toast, a lice of chedar cheese , one tomato , a few slices of cucumber + 1 fruit
  • 1 big baked potato or 2 small ones with salad or a vegetables mix
  • Fish (grilled or oven cooked ) with salad or a vegetables mix
  • 1 salad with 2 tomatoes, a red pepper , 1 small cucumber , onion + a thin slice of cheddar cheese cut into pieces + a slice of brown toast
  • Whole wheat chicken wrap with vegetables
  • A chicken sandwich  with vegetables
  • A sandwich with one slice of far-free pork meat with cooked vegetables or a salad

The snacks I included in my diet over the last two months were :

  • A fruit , an apple or banana , 15 grapes , an orange , 2 mandarines , 1 nectarine
  • A small yogurt
  • 15 almonnds or cashew nuts
  • 1 slice of whole wheat of toast with  ½ tomato cut into pieces
  • 1 slice of whole wheat of toast with avocado cut into pieces and seeds (pumpkin or sunflower
  • A slice of chicken breast (grilled or oven cooked

There were the foods I have included into my diet over the course of these two months and I am continuing to right now , of course not in the same order . There is also a freedom of choice in how you want to consume any meals .


So like I mentioned yesterday , today I will start telling you how this whole journey started and how I managed to lost 8kg in two months.  I know it does not seem like a lot but for me it represented a massive victory which motivated me to keep going.  First of all an important element that played a crucial part in this change were of course self-development books. Starting reading them has helped me tremendously and were the impulse that I so needed. They helped me see there was a light at the tunnel and that feeling sorry for myself was no longer what I want from life. I am not going to lie to you and tell you that is easy , but it sure isn’t impossible. I realised I deserved more , just like you do too. If you truly want to change your life and give up your victim mindset mentality join me on this ride and let’s find and be the best version of ourselves together. The first books I got my hands on was , ’You are a badass’ by Jen Sincero . Her writing really was a wake up call I need to find in order to stop finding excuses for the way I was living. The big changes need to be made into my spiritual and mental health in order for my eating to be regulate. I am finally starting to realise this is not just to do with my physical health.  

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My name is Flory, I am from Romania and I have been living in the UK for more than 10 years.  I am 43 years old and I want you to join me in the journey of my phisical and mental transformation. I have been married for 22 years , the marriage bringing me 2 beautiful children. Like many other women, I abandoned myself in order to focus on raising a family and completely forgot about what it means to be a woman . I made this blog to show you how one day I decided to wake up from the great numbness I was feeling.I decided to start living for myself and heal from all my anxieties, fears and unhappiness. Through this blog I will describe step by step what I did every day. The journey of my transformation  began more than two months ago and has continued throughout my everyday.  2 months ago when I decided to change my victim mentality and become friends with food . The day when I decided to change myself , my weight was at about 130 kg. I have lost 8 kg in 2 months. In the next days I will write step by step what I did every day. I  hope you will be with me in large number  and that I can share my enthusiasm with you !!!!

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